We, the members of E. P. i. C., believe that Charlottesville can do better, and we demand better of our elected officials in serving the public and in meeting the needs of our community.
Some avenues of action that E. P. i. C. is determined to pursue:
  • Prevent gentrification of working class neighborhoods and increase support for quality affordable housing for lower income residents.
  • Promote economic opportunities - more jobs, better job training.
  • Address racial disparities in our schools, criminal justice system, health care and elsewhere.
  • Defend the human rights of vulnerable minorities.
  • Create a "Green Charlottesville" - enhance public transportation.
  • Demand more government accountability to the public by city officials to improve the quality of our local democracy.

Status Quo is not good enough.

We must do better.  Together we will!


Toni Barskille; Ann Benner; Connor Campbell; Nancy Carpenter; Brandon Collins; Emily Dreyfus; Holly Edwards (in memoriam); Toni Eubanks; Jeff Fogel; Dede Gilmore; Melvin Grady; Marshall Hanbury; Walt Heinecke; Joy Johnson; Peter Kleeman; Brenda Lambert; Nic McCarthy; Audrey Oliver; Michael Payne; Lena Seville; Jim Shea; Matthew Slaats; Dede Smith; Rick Turner; and Tim Wilson.