EPiC's vision for a better Charlottesville is one that works collaboratively and proactively to effect change on three particular fronts:


  • Improve economic and employment opportunities for all residents by increasing the availability of skilled trades jobs (and training for skilled trades jobs) so many more low-income families can join the middle class; by expanding the successful GO program and by working to produce and procure more goods and services locally, as recommended by the Orange Dot Project; and by championing a true Living Wage and increasing the number of local employers who are paying it.
  • Promote mindful community growth and prevent gentrification of working-class neighborhoods by insisting that public or private development efforts protect neighborhood livability, honor the historic fabric of our community, support racial and economic diversity, and allow longstanding residents to remain in their neighborhoods and upgrade their homes.
  • Increase the supply of quality affordable housing for lower-income, working poor, elderly, disabled and homeless residents by building at least 1,000 new units of such housing throughout the city (through an expanded Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund) and by revitalizing our public housing neighborhoods in accordance with PHAR’s Positive Vision for Redevelopment; ensure that lower-income residents have top priority for jobs, job training and contracting opportunities created by these new investments.
  • Create a ‘greener’ Charlottesville through enhanced public transportation, bicycle/pedestrian access, renewable energy/energy efficiency, green space preservation, tree planting, and other such initiatives.

Status Quo is not good enough.

We must do better. Together we will!