Status Quo is not good enough.

We must do better. Together we will!

We have a positive, inclusive vision for our society and for our democracy, one in which all of our residents have the opportunity to thrive and to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. We challenge local decision-making bodies (from City Council to the School Board to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and beyond) to take bold steps to advance equal opportunity, eliminate racial and economic disparities, strengthen the middle class, protect and improve our neighborhoods, safeguard our vital public institutions, and enhance the quality of life for all who call Charlottesville home. Bold change is not only possible, it also reflects the political sensibilities of the Charlottesville electorate – note that a majority of Charlottesville voters endorsed the candidate of political revolution during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, over the candidate promising to build on the status quo.

In debates about the future of our community, we seek less in the way of political posturing and empty rhetoric and more in the way of constructive dialogue and concrete change. We pledge to recruit and support candidates for City offices who are committed to meaningful engagement with local residents, community groups and neighborhood associations - as well as regional partners like UVa, PVCC and Albemarle County - to achieve the outcomes outlined in our Platform, relying on evidence-based and participatory decision-making and smart fiscal choices. Most of all, we believe, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once taught, that injustice anywhere - in our homes, communities, schools or workplaces - is a threat to justice everywhere, and that we all benefit when each of our neighbors has the opportunity to realize his or her highest potential.


Our vision for a Better Charlottesville is one that works collaboratively and proactively to effect change on three particular fronts:

EPiC Steering Committee:

Toni Barskille; Ann Benner; Connor Campbell; Nancy Carpenter; Brandon Collins; Emily Dreyfus; Holly Edwards (in memoriam); Toni Eubanks; Jeff Fogel; Dede Gilmore; Melvin Grady; Marshall Hanbury; Walt Heinecke; Joy Johnson; Peter Kleeman; Brenda Lambert; Nic McCarthy; Audrey Oliver; Michael Payne; Lena Seville; Jim Shea; Matthew Slaats; Dede Smith; Rick Turner; Karen Waters Wicks; Tim Wilson.