EPiC's vision for a better Charlottesville is one that works collaboratively and proactively to effect change on three particular fronts:


  • Reinvigorate public engagement with local government by adopting new strategies that encourage and enable residents to play a more meaningful and participatory role in City decision-making and in envisioning the future of our community; by adopting City Council meeting procedures that adhere to the highest levels of free expression and governmental responsiveness and accountability; and by instituting transparent accountability processes that ensure that all City programs are regularly evaluated for measurable effectiveness and impact.
  • Improve the quality of our democracy by reducing the corrupting influence of private special-interest money in local elections; by instituting campaign finance reforms, potentially to include public funding of campaigns; and by making it more possible for working-class and lower-income residents to serve in elected or appointed offices.

Status Quo is not good enough.

We must do better. Together we will!