EPiC's vision for a better Charlottesville is one that works collaboratively and proactively to effect change on three particular fronts:


  •  Pursue equal justice and end mass incarceration by eliminating disproportionate minority contact throughout the criminal justice system, by reforming drug laws and school disciplinary practices, and by dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Elevate the quality of our schools and the academic achievement of all students, especially those students of low socio-economic status who are currently falling behind.
  • Promote equality and combat discrimination in all forms by invigorating the ability of the Human Rights Commission to address systemic inequities and to enforce anti-discrimination ordinances; by ensuring that all City departments and agencies (including the schools and the police) are furthering equal opportunity and countering bias; and by protecting vulnerable populations from hate crimes.
  • Improve social equity and community resilience by strengthening social and family supports and by eliminating racial disparities in health and mental health outcomes.

Status Quo is not good enough.

We must do better. Together we will!